I Am Ashamed For My Country, Nigeria – Kiki Omeili

It is bad enough that the Nigerian economy is nothing to write home about, not being able to exercise one’s civil right is totally unacceptable. Nollywood actress, Kiki Omeili shared what her friend went through in a long post on Instagram.

In her words; “So on Saturday, the 3rd of September, just as I set out for the Exquisite Magazine walk for cervical cancer awareness, I received a call from my sister, that our friend had been picked up by task force the night before as she got out of her car just outside Eko hotel to buy suya.
The guys, who happened to be the “so called” Task Force officials didn’t listen even when she was showing them her ID card proving that she’s the staff of a bank. She,along with several others was taken to the task force office in Alausa and wasn’t released until 10.30 am after some of her friends had to part with money.
Among them was a pregnant woman and even a nursing mother whose baby had to be brought to the task force office so that she could breastfeed.
Then I hear this morning that the officers who did it were redeployed. Redeployed? I never thought I would say this,but I am ashamed for my country. A country where citizens cannot go out freely to relieve the stress that the nation has burdened us with.
A country where the same people who are supposed to serve and protect the people, prey on the innocent people.
A country where a FOOLISH task force official will sexually harass a woman and have the guts to put his finger in her genitalia and the government’s response is redeployment. I am Ashamed and I am Angry. And I feel helpless. Helpless that I am not safe in my own country. Helpless that these fools will get away with it. Helpless that I,an innocent citizen will have to watch my back,not because of criminals who roam freely, but because the same people who swore to serve and protect me can beat me,harass and molest me and they will go Scot free.Shame!

PS- If you live in Lekki, you’re likely to be trying to have a good time on Friday night and get picked up.
Governor Ambode needs to understand that redeployment is a slap on the faces of innocent Nigerians.
Please share so that people know what is happening in Lagos”



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